Intelliwave’s Multi-Tenant Wireless Internet Service

Looking for an amenity to attract and retain new tenants? Or maybe you are looking for additional revenue opportunities. Intelliwave has just what you need.

Today’s students expect more and more for their rental dollars. What’s the one amenity that all students identify as a “Must Have”? Wireless High Speed Internet! Whether your tenants need to do online class work, update their Facebook page or just stream the latest movies they all need high speed wireless access.

Intelliwave has been helping property managers provide this essential service in hotels, motels and apartment complexes for over 10 years. Every property is different. Some property managers include Internet service in their rents. Others charge students an additional fee for the service. Intelliwave can help you whichever path you choose. We will provide a custom wireless network design suited to the needs of your property and will install the project on budget and on time. Once complete, we will manage your network, provide on site assistance for network problems and provide 24 hour technical support for those tenants that need a little help getting online.

Don’t get caught behind the technology curve. Give us a call 855-U-GET-SPEED and schedule a FREE consultation. We will evaluate your property and help you choose the most affordable and competitive Internet solution available.

“I want to personally thank you for your prompt and professional service. The whole Intelliwave team is wonderful! Words cannot express how grateful I am to your service department for their willingness to assist me with restoring not only my internet service, but actually helping me reinstall my self designed, one of a kind internet tower."

– Tod