Always looking to the future, Intelliwave began construction in 2016 of a fiber optic network which delivers gigabit service to the home or premise.  This network is currently delivering fiber optic service to homes and business in The Village of Amanda in Fairfield County and Commercial Point in Pickaway County.  We are expanding this network everyday to reach more premises.  We believe this is a terrific add on to our wireless service offerings and creates even more flexibility in terms of the services we can offer to the region.  To learn more about our Intelliwave Fiber, visit

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Founded in 2002 in Athens, Ohio- Intelliwave is now the largest wireless internet service provider (WISP) in Ohio.  As dial-up Internet gave way to broadband, it was clear that the Southern Ohio region was largely left behind by the networks of the larger carriers.  In order to bridge this digital divide, Intelliwave began constructing a wireless network throughout the region which would serve as last mile distribution of Internet service to individual residents and businesses.  Our broadcasting sites include cell towers, rural water tanks and grain legs.  In some cases we may have 200 customers connecting to a tower, in other places, maybe only 10.  This flexibility allows us to go where other carriers are not able to or are unwilling to go. 

Intelliwave’s wireless service is different from both mobile wireless (cellular service) and satellite.  Unlike mobile cellular service, Intelliwave’s service is “fixed.”  What this means is that we install a radio at your home or business which connects back to one of our tower sites.  Once the Internet is installed to your home, you are able to use it in the same way you would use any traditional data service such as cable or dsl.  The only difference here is that, rather than receiving your signal from a cable buried in the ground, your signal comes through the air.  Intelliwave service is different from satellite service because we are broadcasting from “terrestrial” tower locations rather than satellites.  As a result we are much closer to your location and therefore not subject to the rain fade and disruptions often found with satellite service.  A major difference between Intelliwave and most cellular and satellite services is that we offer unlimited data with no usage fees or data caps.  This means a lot in a time when most homes have multiple devices connecting at any one time and often streaming video.  We know that increasingly “over the top” services like Netflix and Hulu are replacing traditional cable video subscriptions.  A home needs unlimited data in order to fully take advantage of these services without exorbitant fees.  In the case of businesses located in rural areas, traditional telecom capacity is often scarce.  Intelliwave engineers dedicated wireless links to businesses which can deliver capacities of up to 100Mbs.  This is often many multiples of what traditional rural services can provide. 

Intelliwave also differs from the larger carriers because we are owned and operated locally in the region.  Our call center is staffed locally and as a result, there is a deep commitment to treating our customers as our neighbors and friends.  It can be daunting to try to get through the phone tree of a large telephone or cable company.  At Intelliwave, you will speak with someone who is right down the road and who knows that solving your issue directly effects their own success and that of the company.  We are linked together by more than just the Internet – we are connected by our regional ties and the desire to improve access to services for all people of the area.  After all, we live and raise our families here too.

If you are looking for better Internet and would like to do business with a company that values you, we would love to have the opportunity to serve your Internet needs.

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